What we provide


During your stay

On arrival your pets room will be made up ready for their stay. If you are bringing your own accommodation the space for them will be ready

We provide the following -

  • Bedding material - usually woodshavings and hay
  • Food bowls
  • Water bottle/bowl
  • Litter tray and wood based litter for rabbits
  • Paper based bedding for rats/mice/hamsters
  • Cardboard chew tube
  • Fresh fruit/vegetables daily
  • Fresh water daily
  • Fresh hay daily

You need to provide any dry food


Taxi service

We can offer pick up/drop of and a taxi service

we charge 90p a mile for the whole journey from our address

Your pet needs to be secured in a suitable carrier



We will send you pictures/updates about your pet during their stay via our Facebook page and what's app