Lewis Hamilton & Roscoe steal show at SPOTY

Roscoe Hamilton pic: Twitter

F1 double world champion and newly crowned Sports Personality of the Year Lewis Hamilton brought his dog Roscoe along as his red carpet date and the English Bulldog was one of the stars of Sunday night's show.

Picture: Twitter

The Formula One world champion often takes Roscoe track side so the good-natured dog's impeccable behaviour - sitting quietly to one side as Hamilton posed with the coveted SPOTY trophy for photographers - was not a surprise. But the two year old dog won even more fans when his owner was giving press interviews giving each journalist a Bulldog stare.

Visiting the vet for the first time?

A husky puppy visiting the vet

Are you a first time pet owner or heading to the vet with a new kitten or puppy? Here's a handy checklist to make your visit as stress free as possible for both of you.

Before your visit

Bring any health and vaccination records that you have for your pet especially if you adopted your kitten, puppy, rabbit, cat or dog from a rescue centre or a breeder or you are switching to a new veterinary practice after a house move.

Make sure your kitten/cat is in a secure carrier.

If possible take puppies/dogs for a walk before your vet visit to make sure they have answered any calls of nature.

Big Tick Project reveals nearly one in three dogs have ticks

The largest ever study of ticks on dogs in the UK showed nearly one in three dogs were infested. The Big Tick Project analysed ticks collected by vet practices across the UK and found almost a third of dogs (31%) checked at random during a visit to a vet were carrying a tick.

Launched in the Spring of 2015 by TV presenter, naturalist and MyPetonline blogger Chris Packham and the University of Bristol, supported by MSD Animal Health, the Big Tick Project saw 1,094 veterinary practices from across the UK participate in the 16 week study. Over this period 12,092 dogs were chosen at random for a tick inspection. Scientists received 6,551 tick samples for analysis. There was an average of one tick collected from each dog, although the maximum number reported on an individual dog was around 200.

Pet diabetes soars by 900 per cent

The obesity epidemic sweeping Britain is taking toll on pets as well as their owners according to data from pet insurer Animal Friends which reveals a startling increase in the number of pets diagnosed with diabetes.

The alarm was raised after a survey of 9000 pets which showed the rise in the condition had risen by 900 per cent in just five years (1).

The study suggested that cats were at greatest risk with a shocking 1,161 per cent increase in feline cases being diagnosed since 2011. At the same time cases in dogs have increased by 850 per cent (1).

Experts say that a surge in overweight pets is at the heart of the problem.

Chris Packham heads to Wimbledon Common

Dog owners and walkers are being invited to bring their pets along to meet TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham who is visiting Wimbledon Common on 2 September with the Big Tick Project team to mark the start of Tick Awareness Month.

Chris will be on the Common for the one-day free event open to all dog owners and walkers. He is set to give a series of three talks (11am, 12.30 and 2pm) on the threat from ticks and tick-borne disease as well as the preventative measures we can take to protect our dogs, cats and ourselves from the risk of tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease. 

Celebrate the work of vets on World Veterinary Day

Julian Norton MRCVS of Skeldale Veterinary Practice aka The Yorkshire Vet - courtesy of Facebook

With TV vet shows such as Super Vet and The Yorkshire Vet (pictured), the veterinary profession in the UK is enjoying a higher profile than ever and to show just how much we pet owners love our vets, this month (30th April) it's World Veterinary Day.



Failure to neuter leading to FIV epidemic in cats

Nine pet charities are warning owners whose cats are not neutered that they are risking a population explosion as well a rise in disease linked to fighting among un-neutered animals.

It is believed that  850,000 cats in the UK have had unplanned litters and the charities are warning owners not having their cats neutered could lead to a population explosion as these unplanned litters could add up to as many as 4.3 million kittens.

The nine animal welfare charities in the Cat Population Control Group (CPCG) are urging cat owners to get their animals neutered to avoid more unwanted felines ending up on the streets or in rescue centres.

My dog Olive nearly died from 'babesiosis'

Dog owner Hollie Wilson's dream French holiday with husband Craig and two dogs Olive and Badger turned into a nightmare when Olive, a pointer, was bitten by a tick. Within days, Olive's condition had deteriorated and it was clear that she was becoming seriously unwell.

Working in the pet industry as the founder and creative force behind prestigious dog bed and accessories company Hunt And Wilson, Hollie Wilson is passionate about the health and wellbeing of her two dogs, Pointers, Badger and Olive. 



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