Potty Training For Cats - Everything You Need to Know


Having a cat for a pet certainly adds a bit more responsibility to one's life. As a responsible pet owner caring for your cat is not just limited to feeding and grooming them. Something that you want to get taken care of very early is to potty train your cat... certainly saving much time from the unenviable chore of cleaning up your cat's mess.

Nowadays, there are variety of books, articles, and Internet information about potty training cats. These are not just limited to using litter boxes but there is also information available on how to train cats to use the toilet to deposit their mess.

Teaching cats to use the litter box is fairly easy, what is more challenging is the transition stage from litter box to toilet. However, this can be accomplished in the next several stages of cat potty training... it does require some patience on your part. The trick is to make little changes and wait until the cat learns to adjust before making another change. Here are few basic steps on potty training for cats.

The first step is to take on a little training of ourselves... keep the toilet lid up and seat down. Keeping the bathroom door open is obviously a must since potty training a cat will not materialize if it doesn't have immediate access to the bathroom.

Next is to move the cat's litter box next to the toilet. Make sure your cat knows where it has been moved to by putting them in their litter box a few times.

Next you'll want to place something under the litter box to raise it about an inch... making sure that the litter box won't slip out while the cat is defecating. Fasten or secure the litter box if you have to.

Then get another box or something that would raise the litter tray a bit higher. Continue this procedure until the litter box reaches the same level with the toilet seat.

The final part of the training is to look for a cat toilet training system.

This is available at almost all pet shops. You can also check online for companies who are selling such. Do a bit of checking around and you can find some companies offering discounts and free delivery. Then simply follow the instructions as indicated.

Once you find the right cat toilet training system for your cat, getting him up on the toilet shouldn't be a big battle at this point, as they are already used to height of their litter box by now.


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